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D.C. September 12, 2010

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Some photos from a recent trip to D.C.


Graduation May 22, 2010

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Caleb graduated from UW- Superior last weekend. I got to fly back for it and snipe some shots from the sidelines. Love my 70-200 f2.8 L.


Virginia is for Lovers May 14, 2010

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Last week, with May’s help, I photographed some friends. They needed some photos to send to their families and I needed a mechanic to help me with some stuff on my car. It couldn’t have worked out better. They are some pretty cool people. And they are super easy to photograph which made my job pretty easy!!! Plus they have tattoos that make me wish I wasn’t such a pansy and deathly afraid of needles.

Check out some of the moves…


Recent photos April 27, 2010

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I’ve been out shooting a bit. Got some decent nature stuff I think. I’ve also shot a lot of May. I must like her or something. I’m surprised she puts up with all this. I’m sure glad she does though!


Azalea’s April 8, 2010

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We have a bunch of Azalea’s in our yard. Like most people around here. And it’s spring. So that means there are some serious blooms going on. Who doesn’t love flowers?

Last night I accidentally spilled a bowl of boiling water on my hand. That hurt. I guess I’m not meant to cook. My hand is a bit tender today after that soaking. Ok, here’s the flowers.

So check this out. The pollen down here is rediculous. Every day our cars are covered in green pollen. I feel sorry for people with pollen allergies down here!


The Park April 7, 2010

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Tonight, well I guess yesterday now, I went to the Newport News Park to scope things out for sunset. I didn’t get any sunset shots but I did manage to get some decent shots of local wild life. I was surprised at all the waterfowl in the area. I saw several canadian geese, great blue herons, a beaver and various other wild life. I also met a couple of photographers that hang out there. Guess I’ll be scoping that out some more here in the future.

Here’s some of the evening’s results. You can click on a photo to enlarge it.

I also shot a bit of video as well… let’s see if this works.


Excessive March 29, 2010

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Sometimes I get a bit carried away. Sometimes I have 30 tabs open in my browser. And this is why I need 4gb of RAM. Actually, I could really use 8 gb. I’m totally upgrading as soon as I can.

May always laughs at me when she hops on my computer to quick look something up on the internet. She’s used to having one tab open, 2 if she’s comparing something, and that’s about it. Then I have 30. I should probably learn how to keep my browser tabs in check. But with my Macbook Pro and Chrome, I don’t see any reason to limit myself to one or 2 tabs. Or even 10 tabs.


Welcome! March 27, 2010

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Thanks for swinging by! This will be my new virtual home for the foreseeable future. I just migrated from iWeb after several years of use in hopes of finding more flexibility and less cost (mobileme is expensive!). The wordpress platform will give me a much greater opportunity to expand and customize my blog as I see fit. Thanks for following me through all my iterations of my online presence. Especially those of you who RSS this bad boy and have to change it every time… sorry dudes and dudettes.

A lot of stuff has happened since my last post (late January?). May and I are now living in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia as she finished up training in January and is now stationed on a ship. I guess she’s a real sailor now. We spent the whole month of February in the Midwest visiting family in Iowa and Wisconsin. It was an awesome time! A month vacation is fun. But it’s also a bit long at times too! It’s always good to get back to your own place and set up shop. And that’s exactly what we did.

We now are renting a small (very small) house in a nice little neighborhood nearish downtown. So far it has been great for us. My one request I had when we were finding a place was to not live in the suburbs. I’m not a suburbia kind of guy. Put me in the woods or put me in a real neighborhood. Just no ‘burbs.

Here’s a little photo review of some of our time back in the homeland…