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Recent photos April 27, 2010

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I’ve been out shooting a bit. Got some decent nature stuff I think. I’ve also shot a lot of May. I must like her or something. I’m surprised she puts up with all this. I’m sure glad she does though!


Azalea’s April 8, 2010

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We have a bunch of Azalea’s in our yard. Like most people around here. And it’s spring. So that means there are some serious blooms going on. Who doesn’t love flowers?

Last night I accidentally spilled a bowl of boiling water on my hand. That hurt. I guess I’m not meant to cook. My hand is a bit tender today after that soaking. Ok, here’s the flowers.

So check this out. The pollen down here is rediculous. Every day our cars are covered in green pollen. I feel sorry for people with pollen allergies down here!


The Park April 7, 2010

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Tonight, well I guess yesterday now, I went to the Newport News Park to scope things out for sunset. I didn’t get any sunset shots but I did manage to get some decent shots of local wild life. I was surprised at all the waterfowl in the area. I saw several canadian geese, great blue herons, a beaver and various other wild life. I also met a couple of photographers that hang out there. Guess I’ll be scoping that out some more here in the future.

Here’s some of the evening’s results. You can click on a photo to enlarge it.

I also shot a bit of video as well… let’s see if this works.